Friday, July 2, 2010


If only life had an eraser to the pencil of KARMA,
Had an UNDO for every wrong and REDO for every pleasure
If only Life was a circle and things would return back
If only Life had a sunrise and never a sunset
If only the said had a backspace and my dictionary had no HATE
If only I could eat my words or walk back the taken steps.
If only I could wash the left footmarks or redo my actions.
If only I could work again with the lost relations or get them along whom I had left long way back.
If only I could fill the silence with speech and speech with silence.
If only I could get you by my side or come by yours...
I would have looked back at you,
But I sit here by the window
Smiling at a new day, a new beginning, a new face , a new I and a new You


Where  every  moment  is  lived  up  to  its  life,
And  success  is  a  celebrated  strife.
Where  the  day  breaks  with  chirping  of  birds,
And  where  silence  speaks  more  than  words.
Where  life  is  a  board  and  Karma  its  dart,
And  where  relations  fall  in  love  - never  apart.
Where  there’s  a  cry  buried  in  every  smile,
And  where  there’s  a  ‘WE’ following  every  ‘ I ’ .
Where  every  dream  shall  come  true,
And  every  ‘MY’  will  have  ‘YOU’
To  that  land  you’ll  take
To  that  country  We  shall  sail.