Friday, July 2, 2010


If only life had an eraser to the pencil of KARMA,
Had an UNDO for every wrong and REDO for every pleasure
If only Life was a circle and things would return back
If only Life had a sunrise and never a sunset
If only the said had a backspace and my dictionary had no HATE
If only I could eat my words or walk back the taken steps.
If only I could wash the left footmarks or redo my actions.
If only I could work again with the lost relations or get them along whom I had left long way back.
If only I could fill the silence with speech and speech with silence.
If only I could get you by my side or come by yours...
I would have looked back at you,
But I sit here by the window
Smiling at a new day, a new beginning, a new face , a new I and a new You


Amiya chatterjee said...

The great thing about you is that you write poetry without any frills ! Ireallyy love to read your poem again and AGAIN . Psst ! I rarely do that you know Himika
But If only I could delve into that heart which conceals more tahn it reveals !

Himika said...

Thank you so much sir for lauding my piece of writing. The very reason why it is devoid of frills is the complexity of the simple words which conceal more than they reveal. And yes, it is really difficult to see what lies under the guise.

kirti.. said...

IF only 'IF' happened.....

days pass by.. and life continues.. changing with every passing second...
and so do we change. adapting to the new situations.. realizing the hidden truth and listening to the silence between the words...
just to be who we are today.. and to emerge out stronger..

YOU are my superwoman.. and you shall always be.. YOU cannot loose.. YOU have to win.. BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS!!!!

Himika said...

And everything just revolves around an IF, when will the human learn to satiate his emotional longing?
Yes, the Superwoman in me will come over everything :)

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