Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Them Whom We Leave Behind In Times

Relations are things you feel to work at but you fail to do it each time you try.
And this isn't because the cord was weak that held the relation between two people but because the cord wished a change. A change in the place of you, it wished the same relation to be lived amongst other two individuals. The time now wishes that I should share the same relation with someone else, the time wants me to love someone else now. The time goes around and it takes us along.

Today I sit by the window, looking at those relations I've lived and I'm still living. Looking at them whom I've left behind in times, them who had left me, them who wished to stay back but the time went on, them who are there around and I know they might not be there after sometime. I'm looking into the face of the reality that says " Let Go" .
Going back into the times I've lived with people around, I have reminiscences of them with whom I've shared a relation of amity, a bond of love, a feeling of hatred, a feel of envy, a feel of compassion, a feel of friendship. I wish to hold back those hands again which slipped out from my hands, to get back to the souls whom I've had a bond with , to look into the faces again that had answers to my eyes. To the times I've wept for them, to the times I've slept over their talks, to the times when I smiles for them, to the times I cried with them, to the times we were a single 'I' , to the times when you were Mine, to the times we have lived together , to those time I say "mai-vous vivre éternellement".

I don't cry anymore looking at those footmarks that you've left behind, I don't smile at those conversations you've left behind for now I know that you were into my life to Play A Role.
Everyone who came into my life was there to play their role and they played that well. They came for a purpose and when the purpose was done they left. I don't blame them for leaving me, for today I've realized that you were there for A REASON, for a SEASON or might be for a LIFETIME. I've know that they who came sometime might be for a reason , a season or a lifetime. Some of them came for a Reason and played their role of walking with me through my tough times, standing by me when I needed someone the most and when the reason for their walking into my life was complete they left quietly or with some hate or love. To them whom I say they came for a Season lived in the good times , grew with me and after the season was over walked into another role. and yes there are some whom I think are for Lifetime. I wish God gives me strength to behold the relation that I'm sharing with them for a lifetime , for years ahead and ahead.

friendship_06.jpg (image) I strongly believe into this " Some people come into your life for a reason and stays for a season" and when the reason is achieved when the season is lived, they leave. I'm happy that they came, I'm happy that they stayed, I wish that they had stayed some time more but I'm happy that they have roles to be played somewhere else. They haven't left because it was time for them to GO, but it was time for some else to play a role into my life. They have vacated the place to play a new role and make some one else play a new role.
They say Get Into Some one's Shoes, but we are always into someone else's shoe. The role that I play today would be played by you someday. We exchange places, we change names, we change relations, we change emotions but the role is still the same.
I ain't sorry to them whom I've left back because I had played my role into their lives and so did they into mine. I thank them for being there for me. A realization clears the soul and I've np grudges, no pains, no worries, no qualms because I understand the cycle of KARMA. Your and My KARMA.
To them who were there in my life sometime or the other, to them who have stayed inside for long, to them who are still by my side " Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime."
I Love You !!


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