Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Him Who Touched With His Silent Look

Silence spoke between both of us.

Your deep silent look into my eyes made me realize the intensity of our love. You always looked at me with a smile saying nothing, and made me feel all that you had felt.

The times that we had spent together sitting on the park bench recorded few conversations and much silence. Whenever I needed you, you came close by and held my hands silently. I never said, but you always knew; your words never expressed but even you do. Your silent look always said that You Love Me.

Your silence made me feel your emotions, your silence touched my heart more than words could do, your silence made me love you even more, your silence made me strong, your silence always said all that I wished to hear, your silence made me grow up, your silence made me know you, your silence made me feel the love we shared, your silence made you my strength.

And this silence that we have lived together has made me realize that

" Silence is the most powerful expression.
Silence makes relations fall in love when words would make them fall apart.
When words fail to convey the inside, let the silence speak for you. An endless blabber is with them to whom we fail to explain most of the things, but a silent word is with him who knows all that you never said and shall always know what you'll ever have to say.
The best of the conversations between the loved ones is then when both remain silent. For then, it isn't the speech that you hear but the heartbeat. A deep silent look into some one's eye, makes him feel the passionate love you have for him.

Silence makes you connect deeply. The most lovable moments in one's life is when you share silence with someone. A silent look makes the conversation more powerful than speech could ever do.

Silence is the best judge of relations. A long silence from your end makes them leave who don't need you, but those who care hold your hands for they know that you need them.
He who knows you'd take your silence as another nice conversation & he who doesn't walk by as if the time has come to LET GO. "

My Silence Is Your Love,
Your Silence Is My Strength,
To The Silence we Have Shared and Lived,
To The Silence That Made You Live In Me.

I say " Amen."


PULKIT said...

I loved it!
U justified my comment...
Ur a pseudo emotional person indeed!
M so so happy to see u in the world of blogging...
ur expression is very strong, U left me speechless, dont have right words to praise infact...It was very very good himi!

kirti.. said...

agreed..ur expression is indeed very strong.. :)

"badbola" said...

nice work..
few hindi poems :)

Amiya chatterjee said...

To the SILENCE That made you live in me.
I am silenced with awe and respect.Touching

himika said...

@ Pulkit : Thanks bhai, you could see that side of mine. :)

@ Kirti : Thanks sweetheart.

@ badbola : Thanks for your like.

@ Amiya : Thank you so much sir for appreciating the writing.

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